Melodic hardcore from St Albans, England.
New EP coming soon, hold tight.

Yo, havn’t updated this in a while.

Right, our next show is in high wycombe on sunday 6th march W/ Such Gold (us), Starters, Landscapes, Hearts + more.

Confirmed Europe dates for april W/Eisberg, xCuraheex and Gone to waste so far:
8th: Luxembourg, Université du Luxembourg - Campus Walferdange,

9th:Germany, Bad hersfeld, Juze W/ Together.

10th: Germany, Stadtteilhaus Lorenz-Süd, Münster

(without Eisberg)
11th TBC, Germany
12th TBC, Belgium.

Cant fucking wait!

Also an updater on our EP, We are recording bass and guitars within 2 weeks and vocals soon after, we have had a bit of a delay.we are also looking at getting Merch done for the euro tour….. after over a year of playing shows!

Re blog us please we only have 100 followers on hereIsolated.

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